Lockdown Again and opportunities on the web.

Yesterday the prime minister of mu country has announced a second lockdown to the entire country(Greece).The sa,r things are coming back,like,lockyour self at home at 21.00 at night,go to the grossery store asking permission with a message and things like that.But the economy f the coyntry and not just my country,any country can΄t afford another economical lockdown,it will be a disaster for the shop owners and all of the workers.The recession alone wasn΄t enouph now it comes the pandemic to finish us off.

Ofcourse there are alternatives to do for a living nowdays amd it is a little easier than it was in the old days,internet has brought changes and opportunities that we couldn΄t thing otherwise.Now we the lockdown more and more are turning professionaly on the web to claim a piece of the big pie even if it is a small one(better than nothing i guess).I my self try to do that,but,me i am buiding my online presence for over a year now in a few ways(print on demand shop,e commerce and now writting hopefully).There are tons of videos and infos out there to search and learn anything you want about anything you want to do,free and paid.I started with the freebies and to be honest i learned a lot and still do,and i like all this procedure to make my self ¨alive¨on the internet.

And as o search in depth the web i found that more and more young people like me are trying to do the same even in my country that is still behind on this than other countries.People in the U.S. for example are making their full time jom from home,here not yet,now with pandemic are taking baby steps on that but for the young people i suppose it should be that alternative and push to do it if they like,not everyone will be a doctor or lawyer.I find very interesting and challenging all that effort i am doing to make it to my goal and i am happy that i can and try to do it and i am sure that i will.